Our passion is Karate-Do. Our mission is parting the clouds seeking the way.
Sensei Dozono

  • Technical Director & President of SKIF of Canada
  • 2008 Promoted to 8th Dan October 25
  • 3-time SKIF Master's Kata world champion: 1997 in Milan, 2000 in Bali, 2006 in Tokyo
  • 2006 Awarded Hanshi rank October 1
  • 2004 Passed Hanshi (Grand Master) examination
  • 2003-2005 Chairperson for the Technical Committee of Karate Ontario,
    the governing body for Karate in Ontario
  • 2002 & 2003 All-Japan Karate Championship Master's Division Kata Champion
  • 2001 Inducted into Karate Ontario Hall of Fame
  • 2000 Tai Chi Chuan Shihan September 9
  • 1994 Inducted into the Belleville Sports Hall of Fame


"Never be afraid to make a mistake. You will make mistakes thoughout your life.
Only when you die will you cease to make mistakes and then you have just made the biggest mistake of your life."

"Garbage is garbage! Even if you practice it a thousand times it will still be garbage."

"I hope to discover much more about karate as I grow older. I am only 55, so I am still raw material."

"We cannot control desire, that is why we struggle. But without struggle, we can never achieve anything."

"Sho shin wasureru bekarazu."
"Always train with a beginner's mind."

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