Foundation of SKIF in ALBERTA

Main Dojo and GHQ.
"Shinobu Martial Arts Center (SMAC)"
The Honbo Dojo of SKI-UAE was established in Edmonton - Canada, by Kyoshi/Dr. Anas in 2020 under the name *Shinobu Martial Arts Center (SMAC)*, the definition of the Japanese word "Shinobu" is :Tolerance. But the actual training activities started on July 1, 2021. The chief trainer and owner of this unique center Shihan/Anas is considered one of the pioneers in the field of karate as a player, coach and international referee. He has won the world championship twice and several other international championships,
President and Chief Instructor/examiner
Head of Tech. Committee
Shihan/Dr. Anas(7th.Dan)
Vice President Deputy Chief Instructor
Faisal(3th. Dan)
Assem ( 2nd. Dan. Members)
Ruaa (1st . Dan. Members)
Hamed (1st. Dan. Members)

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